Customer Reviews

Welcome to Elevita Health's customer reviews page, where you can read authentic and unbiased feedback from our valued customers. We take pride in delivering high-quality supplements that are formulated with the best ingredients to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we're thrilled to share their stories of success and positive experiences with you. So whether you're new to Elevita Health or a long-time customer, we invite you to read our customer reviews and see why we're the trusted choice for premium supplements!


Cathy C.
These are the best supplements I have ever used and I've tried dozens! They have clean ingredients and are a fantastic price for the quality. My favorites are the Buzz Bread and Resveratrol. I highly recommend this brand.


Don P.
Five stars for Elevita Beetroot! This formula is FAR superior to other brands I have used. It's potent and easy to take. I will definitely purchase again. Don't hesitate!

Jackie S.
I started taking both K-Zone and Ignite to help me with losing weight. I am impressed by the ingredients in Ignite, which contains  MCT, chromium and carnitine, turmeric and spirulina, along with specific herbs that help curb cravings and appetite. K-Zone turns my body into a fat-burning machine and gives me an extra energy boost during my workouts!

Roseanna O.
Dear Elevita Health, I am not one to write a testimonial however I have found three of your products to be outstanding! As I have been trying to transition to a more whole foods approach to supplementing my diet, I have found your 'beetroot', 'mushroom 10x' and your 'buzz bread' to be a combined, perfect spectrum of nutrients and quite affordable as well. Thank you for providing these great alternative products!!